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Notebook. A thing of beauty, or purely functional?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

For centuries now, people have been using notebooks to record the things that are important to them. Diaries dating back hundreds of years give us a glimpse into a bygone world, day to day events, lovingly recorded.

A persons notes give a unique insight into their thoughts and feelings, and provide a record of deeply personal experiences that can be shared by future generations. Old handwritten recipes passed down through generations, your grandmother's love letters all carefully pasted into her diary. Everyone can relate to that special record of a loved one's life.

Your notes are important too. One day people may also look back at a diary you kept and be able to glimpse into your life.

Whatever you use your notebook for, be it scribbling down phone numbers, doodling whilst on the phone, or where you write your every feeling, cherish it. Someday it may mean a lot to your family too.

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