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One way to unwind after a stressful day...

You've just had one of those days... the kind of ones where everything went... well... lets face it... wrong.

You overslept, got to the office late, your boss got mad at you, you got to lunchtime and realised that nice lunch you made was still in the fridge at home... and the list goes on...

Whatever has happened... here at Alba we firmly believe in the power of writing things down. You know... keeping a diary. Record the good and the bad, let out all your excitement, joy, frustration or maybe even anger... on paper. Its a failsafe way of regulating your emotions and we will go as far as to say we guarantee you will feel better!

So, take 10 minutes and tell your diary or your notebook about your day. That way you're less likely to take out any stress on your loved ones and it leaves you free to do what really matters to you. Spending quality time with the people you love!

Oh and if you're in need of a new notebook in which to write your daily downloads... we think you might have come to the right place! Check out our beautiful and ever expanding range of notebooks.

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